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Sylvia Amann's Collaborative Water Culture Policies were discussed at the UN Water Conference in New York

How to develop local and regional culture?

  • You want to better benefit of the cultural potential of your city / village?
  • You need access to public / private funds for your cultural programme?
  • You want to internationalise your cultural activities?
  • You want to learn from good practices in Europe or worldwide?

Inforelais helps to develop and implement local and regional culture strategies.

  • Inforelais analyses the status-quo and the cultural potential (baseline studies, evaluation)
  • Inforelais designs culture and art internationalisation strategies.
  • Inforelais provides financial concepts for cultural strategies and programmes.
  • Inforelais connects with high-quality cooperation partners in- and outside Europe.

Inforelais is member of the European Capital of Culture expert panel and policy adviser of the Austrian Cultural Ministry.

How to develop the creative industries?

  • You need to analyse the growth potential of the cultural and creative sectors?
  • You need to develop a policy and / or support programme for the culture and creative industries?
  • You require public or private funding to develop and/or implement your policy?
  • You wish to exchange with creative industries champions in Europe and worldwide?

Inforelais helps to design state-of-the-art creative industries policies.

  • Inforelais analyses the status-quo of the creative industries (baseline studies, evaluations).
  • Inforelais designs creative industries / innovation support policies and programmes.
  • Inforelais develops access to finance strategies.
  • Inforelais provides support for internationalisation and export strategies.

Inforelais helped more than 30 policy makers in the last 10 years to develop or fund a creative industries policy field.

How to improve the EU urban and regional policy?

  • You need to design an urban or regional programme?
  • You require support to evaluate urban or regional programmes?
  • You need technical assistance or scientific support for your programme?
  • You want to enhance transnational cooperation?

Inforelais helps to develop and implement EU urban and regional programmes.

  • Inforelais designs EU urban and regional programmes for creative industries and culture.
  • Inforelais professionally supports the selection and monitoring of EU projects.
  • Inforelais provides support for best managing EU urban and regional programmes (studies, technical assistance, transnational learning).
  • Inforelais connects with transnational cooperation spaces including the Danube Strategy area.

Inforelais helped to design several specific culture-related EU regional programmes and worked as expert for URBACT, INTERREG, LEADER, and the Danube Strategy.

How to finance projects with EU funds?

  • You miss systematic overview on EU funding opportunities?
  • You need appropriate project partners to submit EU applications?
  • You require support for EU project management?
  • You have any kind of troubles in your EU project?

Inforelais helps accessing EU funding and managing EU projects.

  • Inforelais guides you to the most appropriate EU funding opportunities.
  • Inforelais connects you to experienced EU project partners and designs internationalization concepts.
  • Inforelais professionally supports the management of EU projects.
  • Inforelais helps overcoming any kind of problems in EU projects.

Inforelais helped more than 400 project promoters in the last 15 years regarding EU funding, internationalization strategies and overcoming troubles in EU projects.

How to enhance international cooperation between other continents and Europe?

  • You wish to know more on culture / creative industries on other continents / in Europe and establish contacts?
  • You need financial support for international projects?
  • You are interested in international cultural cooperation projects?
  • You plan to enhance your export activities to / from Europe?

Inforelais supports international cultural networking and exchange

  • Inforelais connects people and organisations internationally including with Africa and Europe.
  • Inforelais provides access to EU and other support instruments.
  • Inforelais designs culture and art internationalisation strategies.
  • Inforelais develops export strategies.

Inforelais advised pan-African cultural networks for enhancing culture contacts and exports to Europe and worked on the EU expert group for creative industries exports.

How to develop my creative business?

  • You want to create a creative business?
  • You plan new services or products for your business?
  • You need access to public / private funds for your business?
  • You wish to internationalise and to connect with other creative businesses in Europe or worldwide?

Inforelais helps to finance and internationalise your creative business.

  • Inforelais provides business plan support.
  • Inforelais provides innovation support services including concepts for design-innovation.
  • Inforelais helps accessing funding and financing instruments for creative businesses.
  • Inforelais designs export strategies and connects with potential business partners in- and outside Europe.

Inforelais is member of the EU expert group on Creative Industries and funding expert for the Austrian creative industries agency.

Early Implementation Results of Creative Europe 2021-2027

Our analyis for the European Parliament Think Tank is available for download.

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Budweis selected as European Capital of Culture 2028

A great pleasure to have accompagnied this engaged team as strategic advisor in the last 1.5 years!

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